Discover the heart of music.

We put musicians at the heart of music-making with apps that listen and respond just like real musicians—freeing you to explore your own musical voice.

Cadenza for iPad

Cadenza for iPad

Sonation serves the makers of music, from a sixth-grader playing their first recital, to a professional in a major orchestra.

Our apps meet musicians where they are—all they have to do is play or sing. Our first app, Cadenza, epitomizes this approach. You simply play your instrument and Cadenza accompanies you with a full orchestra. Unlike any other solution, Cadenza anticipates your every move and fits the orchestra to your playing in real time, flawlessly. There has never been any other technology that allows such great freedom for musical expression.

Recorded over the past sixty years, Cadenza’s accompaniments include The Russian Philharmonic, Vienna Symphony, Stuttgart Symphony and others. They are now all ready to become your musical partner, helping you sound your best.

New apps for singing and more instruments are just around the corner. So, stay tuned!